Mariana Pascalau

Curriculum Vitae

Pascalau Mariana – was born in 1968 feb.27 in Valea Draganului(Cluj - Transylvania)
Graduated Gymnasium Romulus Ladea in 1986
Ion Andreescu graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in 1990, majoring in textiles, tapestry.

Workplace: Munkácsy Mihály General School
Residential address: 1078 Budapest, Hernád street 19. 1 / 14
mobile: +36(0)6305565330

Exhibitions: 1992 Cluj-Napoca(Romania) - the first solo Exhibition
1994 Budapest Jazz Gallery - solo painting exhibition
1995 Budapest, Romanian Cultural Center - drawing and pastel colored landscape
1996 Mohács – solo show-drawings(pen,ink)
1997 Gyula - ink drawing and pastel colored landscapes(solo show)

1999 Zuglói Artists Joint Exhibition – oil painting
2000 Verőce - ink drawing and pastel képek(solo show)
2001 Zebegény Kenderes Hotel - oil and pastel (solo show)
2002 Budapest Danube Gallery - West End - oil expressionist images (solo exhibition)
2003 Budapest, Romanian Cultural Centre - oil expressionist imagery (solo exhibition)
2003 Budapest, Stephanie Palace - painting (Group)
2003 Budapest, Unitarian Church - painting (solo)
2004 Budapest, Romanian Cultural Center - painting (solo) 2004 Budapest, Westend City Center – oil painting(solo)
2005 Gyor Apáczai Teacher Training - expressionism oil painting(solo)
2005 Solymar Kud-Art Gallery – Expressionist(solo) festmény2005 Westend Hilton - Expressionist (solo)
2006 Augsburg - painting, drawing (solo exhibition)
2006 Cluj Banffy museum(Romania) - Expressionist painting (solo exhibition)
2008 Dunakeszi - paintings, drawings and textiles (solo) 2008 Szekszárdi Triennálé – 1 painting (group)
2008 Budapest Hungarian Painters – painting (group) 2009 Békásmegyeri Szabó Ervin library solo exhibition – painting
2010 Kaposvar - VII. National grotesque exhibition – oil paintings(group)
2011 Budapest, Children and Youth House (cubist style aquarell - solo)
2011 Budapest, Szabó Ervin Library - painting (pastel realistic works-solo)
2011 SLT Law offices cubist series (private collection), Michael
2012 Munkácsy Primary School Teacher -teacher-student joint exhibition (drawing, painting, textiles)
2013 Munkácsy Mihály Primary Art School Teacher-student public exhibition (drawing and oil painting surrealist style)
2013 Plain Air Festivál- Raday street, expressionist painting solo show
2014 Munkácsy Mihály elementary school - expressionist oil painting
2014 Budapest Főváros, City Hall XIV. Zugló offered the "Teacher of the Year" award
2015 Budapest, Erlin Gallery – solo show
2016 Budapest, Munkácsy Mihály Primary Art School- Teacher students exhibition
2016 Budapest, ZIC minigalery – Munkácsi Mihály Primary Art school – teachers exhibition
2016 Budapesta, Corvinus University – paintings exhibition with the indian artist Saptarshi Naskar opened by the First secretary of Indian Embassy at Budapest, mrs. Vijay Khanduja.
2017 Budapest, Civil House Zugló – solo show
2020 Budapest, Zuglói Ifjúsági Centrum - paintings solo show